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Cold and Freezing Rooms

At BWRC, we are dedicated to provide the best sales and maintenance services to our clients at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

BWRC provides sales, installation, relocating and maintaining cold and freezing rooms including but not limited to customizing products according to the client's needs and requirements

Civil, Commercial & Industrial Air-conditioning

At BWRC, we provide the best cooling and climate control appliances at different level ranging from residential units up to mega size cooling projects. 

Utilizing the latest technologies present in the cooling industry provides our clients with the best power efficient and effective methods of cooling their facilities. 

At BWRC, we provide full end to end maintenance to all types of cooling appliances at all levels  to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in cooling. 

Solar & Renewable Energy Heating Solutions 

BWRC provides its clients with up to date technologies to improve efficiency and reduce power consumption resulting from water heating.  Solar heating is not only limited to water heating but also includes heating indoor spaces and climate control systems almost fully dependent on solar energy. 

If we can go green and efficient, why not ! 

Efficiency solutions towards heat insulation

No matter how strong cooling and heating systems are, they are no match to the external temperature differences. 

At BWRC, we believe that thermal insulation is a significant factor of cooling and heating efficiency. 

At BWRC, we have utilized Nano-Ceramic window's films which proved to increase heat insulation and highly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the cooling systems. 


Reefer Chiller/Freezing Trucks 

At BWRC, we manufacture and maintain reefer trucks at high efficiency while exceeding strict international standards.

BWRC manufactures chillers and freezing trucks tailored in accordance to the clients needs to ensure their supply chains are maintained with the highest levels of efficiency and reliability.


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